Mince pies – vegan

This recipe came from the BBC site, here. The changes I’ve made are:

  • To use 290g cherries in kirsch rather than 390g. That’s just because that’s the only size jar I could find.
  • Replace coconut oil with vegan margarine, Flora Buttery. Otherwise the coconut taste comes through too strongly.
  • I made 24 out of the ingredients rather than the 18 suggested. This was mainly because I didn’t have large enough cutters to make bigger pies.

I also couldn’t get hold of hazelnuts without skins so, after I’d roasted them for 10 minutes, I put them in a metal sieve and rolled them around to rub the charred skins off as best I could.

Chopping the nuts could’ve been very messy. Instead, I put them into a clean food waste bag (so I could reuse it later, no plastic waste) and bashed them with a ladle.

Smells so good already

I’ll admit that my technical ability needs some work here as the pies look very….rustic. They do taste wonderful though. I had one as soon as it cooled down enough not to melt my tongue and then one crumbled as I was removing it from the tin so I had to eat that one too.

I’ve had a stab at the nutrition facts here because of the changes I made to the recipe as detailed at the top of the post. Bear in mind that these are hand made so the pastry and filling amount will vary a little from pie to pie.


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