About Andrew

Hi, I’m Andrew, the oldest and ugliest of the siblings. There are five of us and we all love to eat, trying new recipes and creating our own.

I live in the county of Kent, in the South-East of England (the bit closest to France), with my wife and our 3 teenage children; two girls and boy. There is also one massive ginger tom cat, Louis, and two little dogs. Penny is a King Charles Cavalier spaniel who is sappy, loving and dozy. The other one is Purdie, she’s a blender full of genes, there’s some Dacshund and some Bichon Frise but she’s mainly insane.

I make my pennies as an independent IT consultant with work taking me around the country and occasionally overseas. Born in Merseyside, though we moved down South when I was only 6, I’m still an Everton fan.

I’ve always liked to cook, I did work in some restaurants before I got into IT. It’s just as well because my wife hates cooking, she loves my food though so all is good.

Why blog?

I use a WhatsApp group to keep in touch with my siblings and parents because we don’t live locally to each other, It’s a busy group, sometimes 100+ messages a day. It’s quite common for us to share recipes and pics of food on there but they’re then harder to find later so I started this blog so we can keep our recipes in one place.

Changing diets

As time has gone by and our children have grown they’ve developed their own ideas about the food they want to eat and so have I.

I’m dairy and red-meat free now. This is broadly the same as my eldest daughter, though she still does dairy. We still eat chicken, eggs and a little fish but that’s it for animal products.

My younger daughter is full on vegan and her twin brother is a fussy eater, mainly surviving on breakfast cereal, toast and breaded chicken. Though he’s starting to try new things, he had my Chicken and mixed bean chilli and loved it.

My wife will eat most things I cook so at home she’s mainly dairy and red meat free but when we’re out for a meal she’ll still go for the occasional bit of beef, pork, lamb or venison.

It just made sense to publish the blog so other who are struggling with teens trying new diets can try and keep pace too.

I really hope you like my recipes, please let me know what’s good and what’s not. I’d genuinely like to hear from you.



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  1. ejnorris2019 says:

    Great write up Andrew


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