Christmas is coming II

Vegan Christmas Cake – the baking

I wanted to do this yesterday but, you know, life gets in the way sometimes.

I used my mixer to gently combine all the margarine and sugary stuff then stirred in the soaked fruit and dry ingredients with a wooden spoon before adding the soya milk, red wine vinegar and flaked almonds.

With the fruit but before the wet ingredients.

Then it’s into the baking tin and smoothing out as best I could. Hannah, who’s site I got the recipe from, says because the batter is so thick it doesn’t spread out much during baking so you have to do that with a spatula before hand.

The uncooked batter in the cake tin.

It smelled so good I had to make myself a coffee to go with it, just the aroma made me think I was eating cake. I got my daughter out of her bedroom pit to try the cake mix stuck in the bowl, she loved it so that bodes well.

It’s in the oven now, for two to three hours. Check with a skewer to see if it’s done. I’ll start checking after two hours.


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  1. ejnorris2019 says:

    sounds lovely

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